March 24, 2014

Infographic: 7 Day Plan to Stay Productive!


Infographic: 7 Day Plan to Stay Productive!

March 2, 2014
so we have received so much $ cuz i bought it is 100% free you have like a month or something before it costs money so you can cancel it if ur reading this you gotta sig n up immediately

so we have received so much $ cuz i bought it is 100% free you have like a month or something before it costs money so you can cancel it if ur reading this you gotta sig n up immediately

January 1, 2014


You guys keep asking for it, so here it is - the Don’t Break the Chain Calendar 2014!

This was originally inspired by the Charlie McDonnell video Don’t Break the Chain back in 2012, and it’s a pretty simple idea. Basically, for each calendar that you print out, choose one activity that you want to do every day (or every other day or once a week or whatever you want) and mark off on the calendar every day that you manage to complete it. Eventually, you’ll have such a long chain that you won’t want to skip a day and thus, break the chain.

Download the printable PDFs (this year in color!) in my new blog post. Happy New Year!

I came across this concept sometime back, more than a year ago on Charlie McDonnell’s youtube video but as always I ended up lazy and never got back to check and use it to fix my procrastination/time management issues. 

Either I searched for it again or came across his video again just 2 months ago and this time I was pretty determined to implement it. 

I searched for a “Don’t break the chain” calendar and came across Karen’s version. I took a print out and implemented it last month to help in getting myself to read everyday. Yeah, a simple task but I had been delaying my “read the book” task for a while. 

It worked pretty well. I did have few misses in between due to some other priority stuff or I probably just broke the chain. Nevertheless it helped me in making a habit of reading the book I am reading, everyday. Now I don’t even need the calendar for this task. But still, I guess I’ll just use it for an year and see how many times will I break the chain. 

Happy New Year 2014 everyone! Good luck with your chains!! :)) 

July 13, 2013
Useful Japanese Learning Shit


Kanji by Topic

Kanji Needed To Learn

Kanji By Grade

Kanji By Frequency

Cool Ass Website. Go there

Fast Track: 100 Grammar Points

Some Notes on Japanese Grammar

Tae Kim!


This website it the shit. There is so much information here on Grammar. Like woah.

October 21, 2012


I went to the mall, and a little girl called me a terrorist. 

My name is Ela.  I am seventeen years old.  I am not Muslim, but my friend told me about her friend being discriminated against for wearing a hijab.  So I decided to see the discrimination firsthand to get a better understanding of what Muslim women go through. 

My friend and I pinned scarves around our heads, and then we went to the mall.  Normally, vendors try to get us to buy things and ask us to sample a snack.  Clerks usually ask us if we need help, tell us about sales, and smile at us.  Not today.  People, including vendors, clerks, and other shoppers, wouldn’t look at us.  They didn’t talk to us.  They acted like we didn’t exist.  They didn’t want to be caught staring at us, so they didn’t look at all. 

And then, in one store, a girl (who looked about four years old) asked her mom if my friend and I were terrorists.  She wasn’t trying to be mean or anything.  I don’t even think she could have grasped the idea of prejudice.  However, her mother’s response is one I can never forgive or forget.  The mother hushed her child, glared at me, and then took her daughter by the hand and led her out of the store. 

All that because I put a scarf on my head.  Just like that, a mother taught her little girl that being Muslim was evil.  It didn’t matter that I was a nice person.  All that mattered was that I looked different.  That little girl may grow up and teach her children the same thing. 

This experiment gave me a huge wakeup call.  It lasted for only a few hours, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much prejudice Muslim girls go through every day.  It reminded me of something that many people know but rarely remember: the women in hijabs are people, just like all those women out there who aren’t Muslim. 

People of Tumblr, please help me spread this message.  Treat Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Taoists, etc., exactly the way you want to be treated, regardless of what they’re wearing or not wearing, no exceptions.  Reblog this.  Tell your friends.  I don’t know that the world will ever totally wipe out prejudice, but we can try, one blog at a time.  

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July 21, 2012
The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

It was one of the biggest secrets of the post-9/11 era: soon after the attacks, President Bush gave the CIA permission to create a top secret assassination unit to find and kill Al Qaeda operatives. The program was kept from Congress for seven years. And when Leon Panetta told legislators about it in 2009, he revealed that the CIA had hired the private security firm Blackwater to help run it. “The move was historic,” says Evan Wright, the two-time National Magazine Award-winning journalist who wrote Generation Kill . “It seems to have marked the first time the U.S. government outsourced a covert assassination service to private enterprise.”

The quote is from his e-book How to Get Away With Murder in America, which goes on to note that “in the past, the CIA was subject to oversight, however tenuous, from the president and Congress,” but that “President Bush’s 2001 executive order severed this line by transferring to the CIA his unique authority to approve assassinations. By removing himself from the decision-making cycle, the president shielded himself — and all elected authority — from responsibility should a mission go wrong or be found illegal. When the CIA transferred the assassination unit to Blackwater, it continued the trend. CIA officers would no longer participate in the agency’s most violent operations, or witness them. If it practiced any oversight at all, the CIA would rely on Blackwater’s self-reporting about missions it conducted. Running operations through Blackwater gave the CIA the power to have people abducted, or killed, with no one in the government being exactly responsible.” None of this is new information, though I imagine that many people reading this item are hearing about it for the first time.

Isn’t that bizarre?

The bulk of Wright’s e-book (full disclosure: I help edit the website of Byliner, publisher of the e-book) tells the story of Enrique Prado, a high-ranking CIA-officer-turned-Blackwater-employee who oversaw assassination units for both the CIA and the contractor. To whom was this awesome responsibility entrusted? According to Wright’s investigation, a federal organized crime squad run out of the Miami-Dade Police Department produced an investigation allegedly tying Prado to seven murders carried out while he worked as a bodyguard for a narco crime boss. At the time, the CIA declared him unavailable for questioning; the investigation was shut down before he was arrested or tried.

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June 25, 2012
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